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Spectrum of Services

Taxation Services

Taxation is an area where in depth knowledge of the legal provisions with wide experience in the area with pragmatic approach is very much needed. Since from the inception, our firm has been providing quality services in the field of various aspects of taxation viz, Income Tax, Wealth Tax, VAT, Service Tax etc.

Direct Taxation (Income Tax & Wealth Tax):

We are specialised in providing Income tax services to individuals, small and medium enterprises and corporate entities which are highly effective and efficient. Our range of services includes:

  •     Tax Planning
  •     Preparation & filing of Income tax returns
  •     Preparation & filing of Wealth tax returns
  •     Preparation and filing of e-TDS Returns
  •     Representation before various Income Tax Authorities etc,

Excise Duty & Service Tax:

At Macro scenario, Service sector is a growing area which is contributing significantly to the Government Revenue. We have rich experience in offering service tax consultancy which is vital in the current scenario. Our range of services includes:

  •     Registration
  •     Filing of return
  •     Advisory services related to Maintenance of Records
  •     Tax Planning
  •     Assessment
  •     Representation before various Income Tax Authorities etc,

VAT & other Commercial Taxes:

We also provide consultations on VAT matters which has become extremely vital in present day scenario. Our range of sales tax services include:

  •     Registration
  •     Filing of periodicals returns
  •     Assessment
  •     Issue of necessary forms
  •     Appeals
  •     Representation before Authorities